Author: Katya Gordeeva

Author: Katya Gordeeva

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How to Prepare: Using Climbing Training Equipment

If you want to improve your climbing performance, using specific training equipment is a good start. Certain features, such as a campus board and hand strengtheners, can help you prepare

How to Perform a Perfect Pull-up: Increasing Lock-off Strength

If you want to improve your indoor climbing performance, you should try to master a perfect pull-up. This challenging exercise increases strength in your shoulders, arms and back, helping you

10 exercises to improve your core at home

  22.11.2016   Katya Gordeeva   Health   No comments

If you want to be fit and healthy, a great place to start is by practicing exercises that can improve your core. You’ve heard it time and time again: exercise

The 5 Best Yoga Poses for Sore Backs

  18.11.2016   Katya Gordeeva   Yoga   No comments

There are quite a few yoga poses for sore backs and we are presenting 5 of the best. Back pain is a common problem. Poor posture, weak abdominal muscles, lack

Yoga and Daily Life: The Perfect Match

  15.11.2016   Katya Gordeeva   Outdoors   No comments

Are you aware of how well yoga and daily life go together? Sure, many believe yoga is just another form of exercise to help you stay in shape or get