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Fear of Falling

This is a guest post written by, Darren Littlejohn, a Grotto community member. “Because it’s there.” ― George Mallory Mallory died on Everest in 1924. The famous quote was his

Deep Water Soloing Locations In The US

  31.08.2015   Matthew Martinez   Climbing   1 Comment

If you are interested in a fun and exhilarating way to cool off this summer, then look no further. Deep water soloing is a great combination of climbing and cliff

Best Places for Deep Water Soloing

Deep water soloing has become very popular because of its freedom and exhilarating nature. It’s just you, the rock, and an ocean beneath you instead of a foam pad. Here

Grotto Introduces New Referral Program to Current Members

We love a great group of energetic people, so lets share the love and earn a few good karma points. Grotto is offering an awesome referral program for our members.

Grotto Climbing and Yoga App

Have you downloaded the Grotto climbing and yoga app? Well let’s do this! The app is super cool, easy to use and it’s free! Start by opening the app and