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Many families don’t think of visiting National Parks for their summer excursions, primarily because many wonder what they are going to do with their little ones, as national parks seem like they are for the more mature active crowd. They may have instead opted to go to website and see the indoor activities or look into other options. But, we’ve scoured the internet and done our research to find National Parks that are good for all family members, regardless of age and activity level.

Grand Teton National Park – Wyoming

One of the largest and most popular National Parks in the US, with over 300,000 acres of jaw dropping scenery and surreal views. There are approximately 25 trails to take advantage of and 3 of these trails are stroller friendly, for the little ones to get in on the action. Along with some of these kid friendly trails, there is a junior ranger program for the young ones to get involved in including scavenger hunts, short hikes and habitat games. We recommend you taking to Teton in the summer, July and August the weather is perfection with little rain and glorious temperatures. So whether you are hiking, camping, rafting or just taking it all in you can enjoy it all with the family.

Rocky Mountain National Park – Colorado

A Milestone for the entire family — Rocky Mountain National Park is celebrating it’s 100th anniversary in 2015. This is no wonder why we added it to the list. During the summer months, you get to experience that of summer and winter, as snow is melting off of the mountains and spring has sprung some pretty amazing flora. Rocky Mountain National Park is part of the largest and well known mountain ranges and the park spans over 250,000 acres. And just like Teton there are approximately 25 walking trails, but four of these are stroller friendly. There are numerous activities for the kids to participate in, and not just walking trails. They can do the bug ranger exploration, animal sensing program, kid adventure program and you can all get in on the action at the after dark program and take a tour at night.


Grand Canyon National Park – Arizona

This is probably the most popular of all National Parks in the US. Located in Northern Arizona, this park is sure to please all parties. Don’t make the mistake of most families when visiting though, don’t make this a stop on the way to somewhere else — Instead, make it your destination. Although these trails and hiking paths are a little more tedious than the previously stated National Parks, Kids are still welcomed to take part in the hikes, even if it is just for a short distance. You can take mules down to the bottom, or even have your kids enroll into a junior ranger program to learn about the wildlife and formation of the Grand Canyon.

Yosemite National Park – California

Best known for its waterfalls and 1,200 miles of gorgeous valley and meadows, Yosemite is a place not to be missed on your summer family vacation. This year Yosemite is celebrating 125 years of establishment, while protecting over 748,000 acres. There are many trails to venture out on, but if you are with your family, you may be more interested in the three that are all stroller accessible and easy to navigate, if you’re looking for trails to hike, Yosemite isn’t your only safe bet, you may also want to check out things to do Napa Valley way as well as other locations known for amazing trails. Little kids between 3-6 can participate in the little cube program and the older kids can participate in the junior ranger program. So, hit Yosemite this summer for adventure and memories with everyone in tow, especially with activities like the merced river rafting and much more!

National Parks are a great way to spend family vacations, regardless of whether you are up to camping, hiking or just enjoying mother nature, National Parks can serve you well. If there is one thing you can do with your family, it’s experience how lucky we are to have so many national parks accessible at our fingertips, ready for us to explore.


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