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Deep water soloing has become very popular because of its freedom and exhilarating nature. It’s just you, the rock, and an ocean beneath you instead of a foam pad. Here are a few of the best places for deep water soloing from around the world that are perfect destinations for this upcoming sport.

Blue Grotto, Malta

The blue grotto is located off the southern coast of Malta, next to the island of Filfla. Every year 100,000 tourists flock here to climb and see the water reflect off the caves to create astonishing colors. This site was featured in the movie Troy because of its natural beauty. The massive arch and system of six caves make a great sight as the sky reflects off the white seabed and different colored rocks. It is about a 25 minute boat ride with the best time to go being in the morning. To better understand where you are going it is best to pick up some Malta Guides to help you enjoy your time there.

Blue Grotto, Malta

Ka’anapali, Maui

Maui’s black rock beach is an ideal place for a wide range of climbing skill level. There are an ample amount of holds for beginners and lava rocks for the more experienced. The views from this are quite extraordinary as well.

Majorca, Spain

Off the East side of this Spanish Island lies some of the best deep water soloing in the world, known locally as Psicobloc. This is a favorite spot for famed American climber Chris Sharma, who has completed many of the lines this area has to offer. This site is for the more experienced climber, with a suggested climbing grade of 6a or higher. The best time to visit is July through October when the weather and water are at optimal temperatures. If you decide to try out Majorca, you could also have a look for What to do in Magaluf, as you might fancy a week of partying as well as deep water soloing. Remember to bring rock shoes you won’t mind getting wet, and use a waterproof ziplock bag for chalk.

Majorca, Spain

Olympos, Turkey

The Olympos area has several deep water soloing spots including the Yarasali Crag and Ceneviz Cave that have superb lines. This spot was host to the 2014 Petzl RocTrip. It is accessible by boat and is available to climb in all four seasons.

Lake Powell, Utah

For those looking to stay on this side of the pond, Lake Powell is a great place to start. Over 2,000 miles of shoreline make for endless climbing possibilities.The cliffs are comprised mostly of Wingate and Navajo sandstone with multiple types of climbing including overhanging faces, crack climbing, and huecos. There is a strict “no bolts allowed” policy so the rock is like a blank canvas you can paint with any route you want. Renting a boat is advised in order to get the most out of your time on the lake.

These spots all offer something exciting and new, but if you’re still not ready to venture out you can always get a little extra practice in with Grotto. Check out our events page for new happenings and remember to tag us in your photos on Instagram when you’re out scaling a new cliffside. @grottoclimbing