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As the Weather begins to heat up, we can play in the sun and do what we love — Climb. We’ve combed through some of the most popular climbing destinations and found a few in the US that are, without a doubt, the epitome of climbing.


Slade, Kentucky

Red River Gorge, known as “The Red” this climbing mecca is number one on the list, for more reasons than the gorgeous scenery. There are over 1,600 climbs, many that push climbers to their limits on harder sport climbs. But not to worry, if you are a beginner there are plenty of climbs in the 5.6 to 5.8 range. We recommend heading on out to The Red, from Spring to Fall, this is when the rock is at it’s optimal temperatures and the scenery is pure perfection.


Boulder Canyon, Colorado

Boulder – the name says it all. With about 600 routes graded about 5.9 and below, the world is your oyster on these “Boulders.” We recommend you check out “Eldo” or Eldorado Canyon, if you’re a trad climber, this place is your paradise. The walls are up to 700 feet tall and don’t worry, if you’re a boulderer like us, there are plenty of sweet spots here. If you are adventurous, this is the spot for you. Start having a ponder on some of the routes and climbing trails by conducting an online search for different Colorado rock climbing adventure packages available.


Joshua Tree, California

This is the mecca of all climbing spots in the US. Why? Because it has the most established number of routes anywhere in the US, with over 8,000. Not to mention it feels like you are on a different planet. Joshua Tree is famous for it’s crack, slab and steep face climbing. Make sure while you are there, you take the time to camp. Trust us, it’s going to be an experience of a lifetime.


Yosemite National Park, California

Without a doubt this is probably one of the most famous places to climb. With domes and cliffs, thousands go to Yosemite every year to take off on a climb of a lifetime. If you don’t believe us, check out Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgensen who were the first people in history to free climb the “Dawn Wall.” Yosemite is a magical place with over 1,000 routes and plenty of wildlife, this is truly a place where people fall in love with climbing.


Just be sure to do your research and climb carefully when trying to conquer these rocks, some of these climbs are a lot more difficult than others. And if you don’t see one of these locations in your foreseeable future, at least head on down to the Grotto Climbing & Yoga gym, you can feed your heart with climbing and make some new friends, so “Climb On”