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There are quite a few yoga poses for sore backs and we are presenting 5 of the best. Back pain is a common problem. Poor posture, weak abdominal muscles, lack of love… There are so many different causes for back pain that it can be hard to know where to look for treatments. Having said that, many people get in contact with a chiropractor, like Chiropractor Brighton, when burdened with back pain. This is usually a very effective method in being rid of your back pain problems, but if it doesn’t work for you, yoga may be a better alternative. That being said, did you know that if your back pain is being caused by a spinal injury sustained after an accident, you might be able to file a lawsuit? For more information, researching personal injury attorneys such as MRH Solicitors can help you to get started pursuing your case. In the meantime, the benefits of yoga include strengthening the core, stretching the spine and improving blood flow – which is exactly what we need here.

Yoga Poses For Sore Backs

Yoga Poses for Sore Backs | Grotto Yoga & Climbing San Diego

Downward Dog

You have seen dogs and cats. After a nap or sitting for a while, they stretch as soon as they get up. In fact, they perform down dog quite perfectly.

Start on your hands and knees on the floor – hands under the shoulders and knees under the hips, your back straight and relaxed. On exhale push your hips up and your legs back to form an inverted V-shape. Downward-facing Dog will stretch your shoulders, spine and legs.

Yoga Poses for Sore Backs | Grotto Yoga & Climbing San DiegoCat/Cow PoseYoga Poses for Sore Backs | Grotto Yoga & Climbing San Diego

Here are the cats again… This combination of cat and cow asanas will effectively stretch the torso and the neck and gently massage the spine. Many yogis find cat/cow as one of the most helpful poses for sore backs.

From a “tabletop” position (knees below the hips, elbows and shoulders perpendicular to the floor), alternate between rounding you back on the inhale and arching on the exhale.

Yoga Poses for Sore Backs | Grotto Yoga & Climbing San Diego

Child’s Pose

Balasana – the body in a fetal position – is relaxing the body but also stretching back and hips. Starting on hands and knees, proceed to sit back on your heels, keeping your arms forward. If you try to extend both towards the back and forward, you will feel even more relief all over.

Yoga Poses for Sore Backs | Grotto Yoga & Climbing San Diego

Seated Forward Fold

The sanskrit name says it all: paschimottanasana… Intense stretch of the west (the backside of the body).

Start in a seated position, legs extended then fold forward to reach your feet (or ankles or shins if you can’t reach that far). Deceptively simple, it is one of the best yoga poses for sore backs, stretching the spine, shoulders and hamstrings and a very calming effect.

Yoga Poses for Sore Backs | Grotto Yoga & Climbing San Diego

Locust Pose

Lying on your stomach, arms beside you (palms up) and forehead on the floor, slowly lift your torso, head and legs off of the floor, raise your arms and stretch them back, interlocking your fingers. Great asana for lower back pain, though not recommended if you suffer from a serious back injury.

Yoga Has Your Back

Provided that you suffer from back pain due to everyday constraints, or maybe years of bad posture, and not from a serious condition, yoga can bring you relief, improve circulation and ease tensions. Try a few of these yoga poses for sore backs regularly and you’ll soon find your back pain subsiding a great deal. Ultimately, if you are looking for additional ways to make your back pain more manageable, you might also want to reach out to a chiropractor such as Advanced Health Chiropractic in franklin, Tennessee.

Sore Back Got You Down?

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