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Climb Safe: Tips To Prevent Climbing Injuries

  8.11.2016   Jesse Meyers   Climbing   No comments

Whether you enjoy indoor climbing for sport or exercise, there is most likely (at least) one thing that you’d like to master: how to prevent climbing injuries as much as

How to Warm Up Before Climbing

  4.11.2016   Jesse Meyers   Climbing   No comments

It’s important to properly warm up before climbing. However, it’s not always easy to do a complete warm up every time because you just want to get right down (or

A Glossary of Bouldering

  20.10.2016   Jesse Meyers   Climbing   No comments

Bouldering is a style of rock climbing that usually consists of short, challenging problems sans harness/ropes on boulders that are low enough (5-25 ft.) to fall from safely (kind of).

Grotto Lotto Comp and One Year Anniversary Party

Elite FinalsYouth CompPhoto Credit - Ryan Kelly

Fear of Falling

  1.09.2015   Jesse Meyers   Climbing   No comments

This is a guest post written by, Darren Littlejohn, a Grotto community member. “Because it’s there.” ― George Mallory Mallory died on Everest in 1924. The famous quote was his