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Deep Water Soloing Locations In The US

  31.08.2015   Jesse Meyers   Climbing   No comments

If you are interested in a fun and exhilarating way to cool off this summer, then look no further. Deep water soloing is a great combination of climbing and cliff

Best Places for Deep Water Soloing

  20.08.2015   Jesse Meyers   Climbing   No comments

Deep water soloing has become very popular because of its freedom and exhilarating nature. It’s just you, the rock, and an ocean beneath you instead of a foam pad. Here

Do Yoga And Indoor Climbing Have Similarities?

  15.07.2015   Jesse Meyers   Climbing, Yoga   No comments

If you’ve been to any indoor climbing gyms, you’ve noticed that many also offer yoga. Some offer additional fitness classes as well. What’s the connection? Yoga began thousands of years

Is Climbing The New CrossFit?

  14.07.2015   Jesse Meyers   Climbing   No comments

CrossFit has been the rage for a while now, but we’re human and we like to mix it up. Switching up exercises is good for your body, it keeps things

Bouldering 101

  18.05.2015   Jesse Meyers   Climbing   No comments

You’ve entered the wonderful world of climbing and now you’re ready to explore some different disciplines to help take your skills to the next level. Enter bouldering — one of