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New Hours

  1.11.2018   Jesse Meyers   Outdoors   1 Comment

We are extending our hours of know what that means? More time to climb, practice your grip and play out in the training yard. We know how much our members

Clever Ways to Improve Balance for Rock Climbing

The reason you can stand upright without simply following over isn’t just a feat of gravity and your own coordination. Your sense of balance is the reason you can ascend,

2017 Summer Yoga Workshop Series

Join yoga teacher and avid climber, Lauren Mahlberg, for this 3-part series to utilize yoga to step up your climbing game! Come for one, or save on all three! Members:

Yoga and Daily Life: The Perfect Match

  15.11.2016   Katya Gordeeva   Outdoors   No comments

Are you aware of how well yoga and daily life go together? Sure, many believe yoga is just another form of exercise to help you stay in shape or get

Best National Parks For Family Vacation

  27.05.2015   Katya Gordeeva   Outdoors   No comments

Many families don’t think of visiting National Parks for their summer excursions, primarily because many wonder what they are going to do with their little ones, as national parks seem