Grotto Climbing and Yoga App

Have you downloaded the Grotto climbing and yoga app? Well let’s do this! The app is super cool, easy to use and it’s free! Start by opening the app and

Grotto Climbing And Yoga Summer Kids Camp

Grotto is proud to announce we have 2 sessions of Summer Camp running in August! Great for kids ages 6-14 who want to climb more, learn to climb, practice yoga,

Do Yoga And Indoor Climbing Have Similarities?

If you’ve been to any indoor climbing gyms, you’ve noticed that many also offer yoga. Some offer additional fitness classes as well. What’s the connection? Yoga began thousands of years

Is Climbing The New CrossFit?

CrossFit has been the rage for a while now, but we’re human and we like to mix it up. Switching up exercises is good for your body, it keeps things


At Grotto, we’re gearing up for our very first climbing competition — The Grotto GRIPFEST! The competition will be taking place this Saturday, June 13th from 12pm until 8pm and