Is Climbing The New CrossFit?

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CrossFit has been the rage for a while now, but we’re human and we like to mix it up. Switching up exercises is good for your body, it keeps things interesting, but even better it strengthens new muscles and gets you out of your workout funk. Enter in rock climbing gyms. What’s cooler than going to a gym and climbing walls to work out?

Climbing is the new “it” workout, taking the place of the cross-fit gyms. Now although the workouts from climbing vs. Crossfit are not the same, there are a lot of similarities: there is a large sense of community, workouts are never the same and you are constantly challenging yourself. Climbing gyms are now being used to better those climbers outdoors, with their indoor training. And climbing pros aren’t alone – climbing gyms have seen an increase in foot traffic, by people of all walks of life. Because not only are climbing gyms giant walls, with neon colored studs, but they are training grounds, and places to push yourself past limitations you feel you might have.

Many are flocking to the new hip climbing gyms equipped with everything from basic walls to challenge courses, thanks in part to the success of the Dawn Wall climb, but we know people are really obsessed with these gyms because of the community. Unlike regular gyms, CrossFit and climbing gyms build this sense of community — Once you start working out with the same people, like CrossFit, there is a sense of accountability along with power and passion, to be the best climber you can be.

Not only are these gyms great for scaling the wall, but there is training equipment — and cardio machines and lounging areas. At Grotto, it’s all of this. There is a gorgeous grotto, that is built with neon colors, and a fantastic training yard. Yes, a yard. Out in the back, you can find climbing pros and amateurs alike, training and pushing themselves to build muscles in their arms, fingers and legs. A friendly challenge of climbing horse will take place as one climber challenges the next to replicate their path and add on a grip. Like in CrossFit when doing a WOD and the person before you does, 25 curls and you push yourself to meet and or surpass those 25 curls. Not just out of friendly competition, but more out of a challenge and bettering yourself.

The biggest and best difference between CrossFit gyms and climbing gyms is that with climbing gyms you get more “bang for your buck.” At Grotto, we not only have a training yard and climbing wall, but we also offer daily yoga classes. “Grottos’ unique community creates a sense of convivial camaraderie — Inspiring all levels of climbers and fitness enthusiast to reach their potential and try their best. Grotto loves working with local artists, collaborating on community-based events, and throwing great parties,” says Co-Founder Matthew Martinez. “Climbers will get the chance to be a student and a teacher. When climbing, you’re supported by others encouragement, when belaying or spotting, you are part of a team. Climbing is an exciting and exhilarating way to achieve your fitness goals while having a bunch of fun and making friends for life.” You can get all of these unlimited membership perks for less than what you would pay for an unlimited CrossFit package. So, stop on by and sign up for a Grotto membership to experience a community unlike any other.