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Start your day off right with a little bit of appreciation and stretching to create awareness in your space. The Hindus have regarded the sun, or Surya, as the physical and spiritual heart of our world and the creator of all life itself according to Yoga Journal. Sun Salutation is a series of energizing postures that honor Surya, earth’s closest star — the perfect way to start your morning and set the tone for the entire day.



The first posture is designed to focus on breathing. Stand at the top of your mat with hands in prayer pose. Create awareness and a connection with the inhale and exhale of your breath.

Urdhva Hastasana

Inhale. Lift your hands together overhead and comfortably bend backwards while pressing your pelvic bone forwards. The goal of this pose is to open the chest and breath in fresh, invigorating air.


Exhale. Bring your hands to your feet in a forward fold with your tailbone up. Inhale, and form a slight backbend while pressing your palms into the floor or blocks.

Left Lunge

Exhale, and bring the left foot forward to stretch in a lunge.

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Dog)

Press your hands into the matt and move your tailbone upwards into downward dog.

Chaturanga Dandasana

From the lunge, inhale into a plank position and lower your knees, chin, and chest into chaturanga dandasana.

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Upward Dog)

Inhale. Sweep forward and arch torso backwards, opening the chest towards the sun while straightening your arms.

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Dog)

Exhale and lift tailbone upwards into downward dog.

Right Lunge

From downward dog bring the right foot forward on an inhalation to stretch in a lunge.


While exhaling, bring the left leg forward to forward fold again with your hands at your feet and your tailbone in the air.

Urdhva Hastasana

Inhale. Press your pelvic bone forward while bending your torso backwards. Open your chest to the sun.


On an exhale, lower your arms to return to your original standing position with hands in prayer pose.

Utilize this sequence to invigorate your entire day with positive energy from the sun. Click here for more Yoga 101 tips and don’t hesitate to come by Grotto Climbing and Yoga and take a class with the resident yogis.


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