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About Grotto Climbing & Yoga

Opened January 2015, Grotto Climbing & Yoga is San Diego’s newest indoor bouldering gym and yoga facility. With a fundamental commitment to community inclusion and active living, Grotto seeks to inspire all levels of climbers and fitness enthusiasts to thrive in a modern and unique environment. Climbing and yoga reinforce a mind-body connection through similar types of movement. The integration of both practices promotes balance, increases core strength, calms the mind and stretches the body for greater range of movement and flow.

Conceived by Matt Martinez and Bryan Baez, two avid climbers with more than 32 years of combined climbing experience, the 9,000 sq.-ft. Grotto facility features a state-of-the-art bouldering terrain, designated yoga space, luxury amenities and diverse class offerings for all levels. The Grotto Climbing & Yoga lifestyle combines modern ingenuity with genuine connection and a love for adventure sports.

Our Mission

To build and support an active community of members that share a commitment to educating and inspiring one another through indoor climbing and yoga.

Our Indoor Bouldering Gym

Grotto Climbing & Yoga provides a supportive and inviting environment for people to connect to others and to their own bodies through climbing and yoga practice. This modern and architecturally advanced indoor bouldering gym features a cutting-edge installation with more than 9,000 sq. feet of textured climbing surface, 800 sq.-ft. yoga studio space, modern locker rooms with shower and dressing facilities, rental equipment and social areas.

Grotto’s innovative bouldering terrain features a vast assortment of climbing holds and structural installations designed by industry expert, Louie Anderson. A lifelong climber, revolutionary wall architect, route developer and owner of The Factory Bouldering Gym in Orange County, Anderson is renowned for hand shaping and molding realistic climbing holds. The facility’s three dimensional, grotto-shaped climbing structure features more than 13,000 handmade holds, patterned to create an authentic rock feel for climbers.

In addition to our wonderful indoor facilities, the Grotto community  gets outside for climbing trips and yoga retreats, celebrating San Diego’s natural beauty and cultivating a love for the great outdoors.