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What to Expect

Congratulations! You’ve decided to join us at Grotto to practice climbing, yoga, or both! Visiting a facility like ours for the first time can be intimidating – but, no worries – there’s no judgement here. Our friendly, experienced staff will make your visit as comfortable, enjoyable and productive as possible. Whether you’re a seasoned climber, or new to climbing, Grotto Climbing and Yoga has what you need. Best of all, we’ll have you climbing in less than 5 minutes! Here’s what to expect when you arrive.

  1. We’ll have you sign a waiver. You can also sign up online here.
  2. You can purchase your day pass or buy a membership (Which allows you to climb, workout in our workout area, and practice yoga all day or gives you unlimited monthly access)
  3. You can rent whatever you need from us, like: climbing shoes, chalk or a yoga mat, we also have a pro shop with all types of cool climbing and yoga gear!
  4. As a first-time visitor you get a complimentary Intro to Bouldering class to show you how to boulder safely and to ensure that, as a new climber, you’ll have a great experience. Below are some of the tips covered in your lesson.

Bouldering Tips & Etiquette

  1. Learning how to fall safely is an important first step in learning how to boulder. Landing feet first and with your knees bent will help prevent injury.
  2. Don’t break your fall with your arms or hands. No straight arms when falling on your side.
  3. Use a spotter to make sure your landing area stays clear. More advanced spotting techniques can help prevent injury when falling from an awkward or overhung position.
  4. Never climb underneath other climbers.
  5. Never climb with your bare feet.
  6. YES! to down climbing before jumping off the wall.
  7. Don’t cut in line. Treat others as you’d like to be treated and make new friends!
  8. Don’t leave gear in the fall zone. Makes sense, right?
  9. Don’t climb a route that crosses a route with someone already on it.
  10. Avoid running or screaming
  11. Help one another out. Prevent others from walking under other climbers to avoid potential injury.