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Battle the influx of winter calories by purchasing a private training package. Once your purchase has been made, choose from any of our amazing trainers Jonah, Claire, Nick, and Ian. Act now and let our trained staff keep you disciplined and focused during your next training phase!

Our Trainers

Jonah Lu

Whats up y’all! My name is Jonah and I am a certified personal trainer. I’ve been an athlete all my life but I’ve developed a special passion for weight training. My journey as a trainer began after I went 3 months on disability suffering from sciatica. Since then I wanted to share my knowledge and passion in fitness to help others never have to go through what I did. My favorite part of personal training is being able to match your physical strength to your mental strength. I live for the “I never knew I could” moments. The moment you surpass your limits and say “I never knew I could…” Whether its for weight loss, muscle gain, endurance, or simply getting out of your comfort zone I can’t wait to train with you.


Hi my name is Claire! I’ve been climbing for 15+ years, coaching for 4+ years and route setting for 1! I’ve taught beginner and intermediate climbing technique classes for adults and kids. I think it’s so important to identify weakness in climbing and use it to become a more well rounded climber. As a trainer I enjoy helping the trainee identify their own strengths, weaknesses and climbing style. Through that we can come up with a training plan unique to the individual.

Nick Brown

Hey my name is Nick and I’d love train with you. I have a background in soccer, swimming, and climbing. One of the strongest aspects of my training is my flexibility with regard to a workout plan. Personal training should be personal, and one workout won’t always work out for everyone. I tailor my training sessions to each individual in order to maximize their progress with efficient training. Progress is my favorite thing to see from personal training whether it be strength, fitness, or climbing oriented.

Ian Ware

Hello! My name is Ian Ware, I’m a filmmaker and engineering student and I’ve been a member of the Grotto community for almost three years. It’s been more than 5 years since I fell in love with climbing and in that time I gained a lot of valuable experience, experience that I’m excited to share as a trainer!